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QtouR - virtual guide is an application for museums, galleries and sights tours.



QtouR – virtual guide app is an innovative and intelligent platform that gives users an authentic and interactive experience of sights, attractions, museums, galleries and all other places of interest.

“QtouR is a breakthrough in
modern applications and guide devices.”

Unlike the usual cultural tours apps and devices, that only reads aloud texts in a predefined way, in QtouR the user is always in charge and he gets to choose.

QtouR will listen and swiftly adapt to user preferences and interests, providing him info – when and in the way the user choose them.

Audio, video, text or complete multimedia guides, automatic discovery of nearby sights and objects or info only on demand, recommendations or map directions to other places of interest…

Release true power of interactivity with this spatially aware app.

app on a mission to
future of cultural tourism


Why select QtouR?


Brings an authentic experience in Your language. You are able to change the application language and with it all accompanying content (audio, video, text, map and navigation) at any time.


Intuitive interaction with the QtouR and Your surroundings gives You the choice of information, and the way they are delivered to You, about places or objects You are really interested in.

Beacon Technology

QtouR is aware of the objects, sights and attractions around You and will unobtrusively draw Your attention to those particularly interesting and important, when You are in their vicinity .

Location Awaraness

QtouR will provide You suggestions on interesting places nearby. Using the most accurate location, let QtouR provide You with directions and bring You to the desired place of interest – choose Your route or transportation that fits You the best.


The use of the QtouR is completely and absolutely free of charge.

There are no hidden in app purchases and all content is unlocked and fully available.

Verified Content

You will always get accurate and truthful information, because all the data, video or audio content is verified and their accuracy is guaranteed by the owner himself – museum, gallery or city where the particular art, artifact or sight is located.

QtouR in 3 Minutes


Our Team

We are professional business storytellers with knowledge and years of experience in Museology & Exhibitions, Cultural Management and Marketing.
Here to answer all Your requirements with professional and quality work.
Josipa Kralik

Master of Science in Jurisprudence
Cultural Management
Founder & CEO

Antonela Piplica

Master of Science in Economics
Marketing Science
Marketing & Project Managemant

Domagoj Tominac

Master of Information Sciences
Design & Copywriting

Josip Kralik

Master of Science in Arts
PhD candidate in Culturology
Development & Consulting

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